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I cut part of my finger off on a band saw at work but it wasn’t a clean chop. I got referred to New Beginnings from a doctor at Orthopedics of Dutchess County. Dr. Silverman was very professional and respectful. He wanted to start fixing my finger right away. He performed a skin graft and tried to heal my tendon. After a month, my finger was almost brand new and at first glance, you don’t notice anything wrong with it. The work was done swiftly and with great detail. Best experience I’ve had with any doctor.

Reconstructive Surgery

I’m a 48-yr. old male who was diagnosed with gynecomastia, and the mass had grown to a size that had become quite large and painful. I met with Dr. Silverman and he explained in detail the procedure regarding the removal of this mass. I was extremely satisfied with the level of attention and care that Dr. Silverman and his staff provided me. I would highly recommend New Beginnings Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Reconstructive Surgery

I came in with the intent to achieve a smaller breast size due to excessive pain in my neck, shoulders and back. Dr. Silverman exceeded my expectations and made me the happiest I could ever be. I went from pain, low self-esteem and no confidence to being a brand new person…literally! The staff was awesome, polite and attentive. Dr. Silverman was sensitive to my needs and did an amazing job.

Breast Reduction

CoolSculpting really helped me get a grasp on feeling and looking better. I have more confidence in my appearance. My journey with New Beginnings Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery has been very rewarding and pleasant.


Dr. Silverman and his staff are top notch! They are professional, knowledgeable, and comforting.


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Silverman. Every question I had was answered; every concern I had was addressed. I was walked through everything on a step-by-step basis, which was very reassuring. This practice showed nothing but compassion for me as a patient. I’ve never had a better experience. I would recommend this doctor to anyone!


A year ago, I had a car accident in Poughkeepsie. I was bleeding from my face and was taken to the ER. The ER doctor on call was going to stitch it up, but I requested that they call the plastic surgeon on call. They obliged, and Dr. Silverman came, stitched my face beautifully, and walked me through what I could expect. I am an actress who works on television, so I was particularly freaked out about a potential scar on my face for life. Within five months the scar was virtually unnoticeable. A year later I have to point it out to people in order for them to see, and even then they strain to see it. Every doctor who has looked at the work he did comments on what a good job he did with my face. Couldn’t be more grateful.


I would recommend New Beginnings Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to anyone. Anytime. Every time. Can you remember the last time you weren’t rushed through a doctor visit? I can…  at New Beginnings. I’ve never been handled with such quality. The time that was spent with me answering all my questions (pre and post op) you will not see anywhere else.

Corset Body Lift

I am BRCA2 positive and recently had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. Dr. Adam Silverman’s knowledge and expertise made me feel totally comfortable with making this decision. Dr. Silverman is an excellent doctor and his quality of breast reconstruction is top notch! My reconstructed breasts look and feel natural.

Breast Reconstruction

I used to have large breasts naturally. I lost about 50 lbs. which resulted in volume loss and sagging of my breasts. I became uncomfortable to wear certain articles of clothing and felt my chest did not compliment my body. I decided to get a breast augmentation. I am 100% happier and more confident. I love my results!

Breast Augmentation

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2016 and referred to Dr. Silverman for reconstruction. I had an expander placed and then the implant. New Beginnings Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery saved my breasts!

Breast Reconstruction

I would recommend New Beginnings Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery! Their office staff was awesome and I saw real results! I am happier with how I look.


Susan DeJesus, a New Beginnings Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery breast reduction patient made a video discussing her journey from beginning to end.