*ALL facials include facial and décolleté massage, hand massage, ozone steam and heated hand mitts.

Express Revival Facial”  $80

A beautiful express facial designed to fit into your busy day or lunch break (30 minutes).  Revive and awaken tired and dull skin with a deep cleanse, facial and hand massages using products to revive your skin to its refreshed glow. Choice of extended facial massage or extractions.


“Acne Detox Facial”  $125

A detoxifying facial that soothes and calms irritated and blemish prone skin.

Your skin will feel nourished and smooth with the help of exfoliating ingredients and a purifying mask to deep clean and absorb excess oil. Restore the balance in your skin while preventing new blemishes from appearing.


“Intense Hydration Facial”  $160

Designed to infuse dry, dehydrated and sun damaged skin with intense hydration and antioxidants.  Your skin will feel re-energized and instantly hydrated restoring its radiant glow.


“New Beginnings Facial” $225

Our signature facial delivering our most powerful ingredients.  By infusing your skin with growth factors, proteins and antioxidants, you will see instant hydration and overall rejuvenation of aging and sun damaged skin while minimizing the appearance of fine lines.  You will leave here looking refreshed, radiant and reNEWed.


 1 Hour and 15 minutes

A therapeutic and anti–aging facial designed to relieve inflamed and irritated skin protecting it from free radical damage. The Cannabis Beauty Defined product line is infused with CBD rich Hemp Oil labelling its first ingredient’s herbal extracts, not water. CBD can help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, pain, acne, inflammation, mood, and aid in the decrease of cell mutation. Every component of this facial has CBD infusions; where the facial massage alone has 1000mg of Cannabidoil massaged into the skin along with hyaluronic acid. This facial will revitalize your skin, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and refining your skin to a firmer youthful complexion. CBD Salve will ease joint pain in the knuckles and neck and a CBD tincture dropper under the tongue will top this facial off. This one of a kind facial is designed for all skin types, aiding in natural pain relief and overall skin recovery.

Includes : Ozone steam, exfoliation, extractions, facial & hand massage, mask, heated hand mitts, CBD salve, CBD tincture


Elevare + LED Infrared Treatment

  • Face $100
  • Décolleté $50
  • Neck $50
  • All 3 for $175

Full cleanse prior to LED Treatment.  This reaches beyond the dermis layer of our skin to promote cellular activity delivering the correct wavelengths of LED light where dermal cells receive a rejuvenating care. The thermal activity generated enhances blood circulation and cellular growth factors to the treated areas. Red & infrared light stimulate collagen production to promote natural skin cell growth and reduce wrinkles. These favorable cellular and metabolic effects can also reduce inflammation, leaving your skin soft, smoother, and healthy.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

20 min $40

A deeper facial cleanse using an ultrasonic skin scrubber with high frequency oscillating vibration & finished with infusing SkinMedica’s Vitamin C Serum into the skin.  This process exfoliates, loosens cellular debris and penetrates skincare products beyond the epidermis.  Skin will feel smooth, tight and rejuvenated.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber & Elevare + LED Infrared Treatment

1 hour $130

A combination of the above treatments performed on the face with steam, appropriate mask, serum/moisturizer, and sunscreen. Result driven for skin revival & rejuvenation, building collagen fiber density, cell renewal, and reducing the appearance of age & dark spots.  Your skin will feel tighter, smoother, and refreshed.

High Frequency

10 min $25 (Facial Add On Only)

A safe, gentle, non-invasive treatment that shrinks enlarged pores, reduces appearance of fine lines, puffy eyes and dark circles, and nourishes hair follicles for healthier hair growth.  Also, stimulates cell renewal, improves skin care product penetration, and eliminates toxins and acne causing bacteria.  

The electrode infuses the skin with rejuvenating oxygen molecules and a therapeutic zapping/tingling sensation is experienced, promoting natural cleansing and antibacterial actions.

Paraffin Facial Mask

30 min $25

The perfect addition to any facial to soothe and hydrate your skin while assisting in product absorption.

Paraffin Wax Hand Dip

15 min $15

Hands are cleaned and hydration lotion is applied.  Hands are repeatedly dipped in a paraffin wax bath until about 4-5 layers are evenly coating the hands with no open areas showing.  The heat from the wax opens the pores allowing for a deep penetration of moisturizer.  Hands are covered with plastic liners and terry cloth mitts to keep the heat in. Includes hand massage.  Your hands will feel smooth and hydrated.


Illuminize    $125

Mild Imperfections

The brighten, tighten & glow of peels.  The overall appearance of your skin will look radiant, smooth and more uniform in its complexion after one peel. With no downtime you can go on with your day with that noticeable glow we all desire.


Vitalize    $150

Mild to Moderate Imperfections

Our most popular peel that targets fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture, sun damage, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and melasma. Piggy backed with a retinol solution your skin will be completely transformed.  A series of 3 – 6 peels are recommended for the most dramatic results.

Revitalize   $225

Our strongest formulation that improves skin texture, sun damage, acne scarring, melasma, and smoothness through enhanced exfoliation.  Piggy backed with a retinol solution your skin will be completely transformed.  A series of 3 – 6 peels are recommended for the most dramatic results treated 4-6 weeks apart.


2-2.5 HOURS

Classic set (one extension per natural lash) $150
Hybrid (blend of single and fan extensions) $175
Volume (only fans 3D-8d) $200


1-1.5 HOURS

2 weeks after first set

Classic $45
Hybrid/Volume $60


3 weeks after first set

Classic $60
Hybrid/Volume $75


4 weeks after first set 

Classic $90
Hybrid/Volume $110


Eyelash Removal $40


Brows                              $25

Upper lip                         $15

Chin                                 $15

Sideburns                       $15

Full Face                         $50

Neck                                $14

Armpits                          $20

Nostrils                          $12

Full arm                         $45

Half arm                        $35

Full leg                           $70

Half leg                          $45

Toes/Fingers                 $10

Back                                $60

Chest                               $50

Shoulders                       $25

Tummy line                   $15

Lower back                    $20

Butt                                 $25

Brazilian                        $65

French                            $55

Bikini                              $35




Brow Wax & Tint $40
Brows $20
Lashes $30
Both $40