Welcome to New Beginnings Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the office of Dr. Adam T. Silverman.  Our professional and friendly staff will guide you to a New Beginning both before and after your non-operative or operative procedure.  Dr. Silverman specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and body, as well as craniofacial and hand surgery.  This medical care is available to patients in our community without the need to travel to a major university based medical center.


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  • CoolScuplting

    A non-invasive procedure that will rid the body of unwanted fat; with no down time and no needles.


  • Cancer Reconstruction

    Reconstruction is performed to restore the function and form of the body part affected by cancer or trauma.


  • Body Contouring

    Various surgical procedures that can remove excess fat or fat and skin to improve the appearance of the body.


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    At New Beginnings we pride ourselves on our patients’ satisfaction as well as our referring physicians’ satisfaction.


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Our Mission

The mission of New Beginnings Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is to provide competent, current and safe medical care with unparalleled warmth and compassion.  This is the medical attention Dr. Silverman expects his family members to receive and this is the attention patients at New Beginnings Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery will receive.  Dr. Silverman promises to provide expertise, artistry and exceptional attention to detail to every patient in order to achieve a New Beginning.

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