Pandemic Plastic Surgery: Are you Serious?

Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures must’ve seen a decrease turn this pandemic. Quite the contrary, plastic surgery numbers are up as a result of the pandemic. What, that can be?!? Why would anyone be worried about how they look during a pandemic?!? During quarantine, many people were working from home or unfortunately lost their job or [...]

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We THRIVE Wednesday

We THRIVE Wednesday WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30th 1PM TO 7PM Dr. Adam Silverman and the New Beginnings Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Team invites you to We THRIVE Wednesday, October 30th. PLEASE JOIN US for a special day of celebration as we toast to those that continue to thrive in spite of adversity and to all that we [...]

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ASPS: Liposuction or CoolSculpting: Which is better for your goals?

A healthy diet and consistent exercise are commonly touted as the fail-safe formula for achieving a slim and toned physique. While diet and exercise are indeed essential to health and wellness, many people discover that despite a strict diet and consistent exercise, certain areas of their body are resistant to change. For individuals unable to [...]

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ASPS: Breast reduction takes a load off your back

I am often asked, "What operation has the happiest post-op patients?" The answer is easy – breast reduction. These patients are so happy and grateful; it makes this one of my favorite operations to do. Often the patients come in for their post-operative check-up the next day, and they say they can already tell that [...]

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ASPS: The importance of choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon

In recent years, there have been several reports of unfavorable and adverse events following procedures performed by physicians. Many of these surgeons have not gone through plastic surgery residency, and have not qualified to become certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Complications can happen with any type of surgery; however, confirming your surgeon [...]

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