A medical assistant is someone who assists doctors and other medical professionals with various administrative and clinical tasks. They typically work in hospitals, medical offices, outpatient clinics, and ambulatory healthcare facilities. A medical assistant can perform a range of administrative and clinical tasks, depending on which medical facility they work in and what their employer’s requirements are. Some of their typical duties are answering and responding to phone calls and making sure that the office remains clean and tidy. MA’s are responsible for preparing, maintaining, and updating the medical records of the patients. They will also schedule their visits for examination or treatment, and send them phone, message, or email reminders.
Additionally, they will check, maintain, and order office and medical supplies. If there are any contaminated or expired supplies, they have to arrange for their disposal. In a Plastic Surgeon’s office, Medical Assistants assist the Surgeon with injections, setting up in-office procedures, sterilizing all equipment or instruments, assisting the provider with injections, examination, dressing, etc.
Medical Assistants play an important role in making the patient feel comfortable during an appointment. The assistant can help reduce a patient’s anxiety about an upcoming procedure by relaying information from the Physicians in terms the patient is able to understand a little better. It is also very important to have a good bedside manner and a very calm demeanor when directly dealing with patients. Don’t underestimate the power of good bedside manner for patients. Politeness, friendliness, and most importantly compassion, go a very long way in keeping the patients happy in the practice and wanting to come back.
Another thing for any patient about to go in for a procedure consultation is not knowing any knowledge about the process. For patients to be happy and satisfied, everything needs to be explained simply and clearly. By answering patient’s telephone calls, performing outreach, doing callbacks to the patients, performing intakes, rooming, and discharging the patient brings a more comfortable one on one time with the assistant and patient. Patients need to know that the surgeon and medical staff will be with them every step of the way. Medical Assistants develop relationships with patients that also reduce the time and burden some Physicians may feel and keep the patients happy and satisfied with care and the services.