Lash Lifts:

A lash lift or lash perm is the process of using a chemical solution to keep lashes stationary in a curled position. This concept is similar to the perms that are done on hair to maintain a semi-permanent curl. However, hair perming creates a spiral in the hair, while lash perming creates an upward curl of the lash. The lash lift makes the lashes appear longer since it makes them curl up instead of sticking straight out.
During the procedure, eyelash glue is used to brush lashes upward onto a silicone pad. A lifting solution is applied to the base of the lashes to loosen the keratin bonds, followed by a perming solution to set the lashes in place. The whole procedure takes about an hour to complete. A tint can be added to the service to make the lashes appear as if they have mascara on them.

A lash lift lasts about 6 to 8 weeks depending on the individual’s lash growth. The use of lash growth serums can affect the longevity of the lash lift. Lash lifts do not hurt but can feel a little bit uncomfortable when the lashes are being brushed onto the silicone rod. The eyes are closed during the entire process.

Lash lifts are way less maintenance than eyelash extensions. The individual does not have to worry about rubbing their eyes with a lash lift, and does not have to get them filled every 2 weeks. Makeup, including mascara, can be worn over a lash lift without affecting the curl. Also, the same cleansers and eye products you have used before can be used.