Dr. Diana Silverman is a fellowship-trained breast surgical oncologist, and also a Stage IV breast cancer survivor. In March of 2017, Dr. Silverman’s life was changed when she, herself, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. She underwent surgery, chemotherapy and returned back to work in November with a completely new outlook on health and breast cancer treatment. She has spent the past few years dedicating her time researching treatments from world-renowned experts to help combat many diseases including cancer and improve patient’s quality of life. One of the most intriguing discoveries she found was the impact of vitamins and nutrition on the body. Over time our agriculture has been severely depleted of essential vitamins and nutrients in our diet. This has led to many inflammatory conditions, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Silverman has built upon the renowned “Myer’s Cocktail” and created her own propriety blend of vitamins and minerals that can help heal the body, reduce inflammation, and improve quality of life. These proprietary formulations have been designed with the passion and determination for knowledge that only an individual battling cancer can provide. Vitamins delivered via IV-therapy allow the absorption of 99.9% of vitamins, delivering them straight into your bloodstream for maximum impact, compared to the 8% absorption that oral tablet forms deliver. Our Cold & Flu IV Infusion can decrease the duration of the symptoms one experiences by several days. In these unprecedented times, our Immune Boost IV Infusion can provide the necessary boost to your immune system to help combat bacterial and viral infections. Raynaud’s Relief will allow patients to walk through the frozen food section of the grocery store without pain in their fingertips.

At New Beginnings Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery our IV infusions are not pre-packaged or frozen mixtures that are loaded with preservatives. Instead, each IV is custom blended and mixed on-site to provide each patient with exactly what their bodies need to assist in the healing and health process.

Every IV infusion therapy session you receive will help support the needs of a person in our community affected by cancer. New Beginnings Surgery will donate $10 for each IV infusion performed to either Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation, or Sparrows Nest. These are two amazing local charities that help patients on a daily basis and that Dr. Diana Silverman has been integrally involved in. Help us support your health while you help support our community.